My Life

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– Mike’s Biographical Details


Born:-  Michael Peter Findley – Wednesday  14th February 1945 at 7pm

Place:- Tooting South West London

Parents:- Elsie and Tom (divorced in 1947)

Mum brought me up – First met Dad in 1985 (Dad  died in Malta aged 91 in February 2012 )

August 1955:- Started supporting Fulham Football Club

1956-1963:-Involved in Wandsworth Boys Club & 28th Boys Brigade Company (Tooting)

12th Feb 1978:-Moved to the North East

29th July 1978:-Married Judith in St Peters Church, Redcar

Sept 1989:- Rachel Victoria Findley was born


1950;- Amen Corner Nursery, Tooting

1952;- Broadwater Primary School, Tooting

1956;- Sothfields Secondary Modern School, Wandsworth

1960;- Brixton School of Building


July 1960;- Apprentice Stone Mason, South Western Stone Company, Battersea

May 1965;- Made Redundant

June 1965;- Employed as a Postman – Tooting Sorting Office

Feb 1978;- Transfered to Redcar Delivery Office

April 1999;- Took Early Voluntary Retiement

Communication Workers Union;

Tooting Sorting Office;

Oct 1967;- Elected Branch Committee

Oct 1968;- Elected Social Club Secretary (Raised £10,000 for various charities)

Oct 1970;- Elected Branch Chairman

Oct 1971;- Elected Branch Secretary

Redcar Delivery Office;

Mar 1978;- Invited to take up vacancy on Branch Committee

Jan 1979;- Elected Branch Chairman

Jan 1979;- Elected Social Club Secretary (raised £6,000 for various charities)

Jan 1980;- Elected Branch Secretary

North East;

Oct 1986;- Elected Full-Time District Organiser

Oct 1990;- Elected Full-Time Regional Secretary

Oct 1992;- Elected Full-Time Divisional Officer

Oct 1998;- Not Elected – Took Early Voluntary Retirement April 1999

April 1999;- Elected Cleveland Amalgamated Branch Retired Members Secretary

June 2000;- Elected to National Retired Members Advisory Committee

July 2005;- Stood down from all union work

Organisations Involved With;

1975-1978;- Stamford Park Football Club

Jan 1998 to Jan 2008;- Marske/New Marske Pensioners Group

Aug 1999 to July 2006;- Chairman Marske Community Partnership

Nov 2000 to July 2005;- Secretary Cleveland Pensioners Forum (4,000 Members)

May 2003;- Elected Longbeck Ward Councillor on Redcar & Cleveland Council

Sept 2005 to date;- The Mike Findley MND Fund

May 2007;- Re-Elected Longbeck Ward Councillor and Elected Deputy Mayor at Council AGM

May 2008;- Elected Mayor

March 2011;- Re-Elected Chairman Marske Community Partnership (stood down October 2012

May 2015 – Elected Longbeck Ward Councillor


Medical  History;

June 1962;- Appendix Removed

Sept 1967;- Right side cartilage removed from right knee

Jan 1979;- Left side cartilage removed from right knee

June 1999;- Operation to repair tendon tear from left knee after accident

Sept 2000;- Right knee replacement

Feb 2003;- Left knee replacement

June 2005 – Diagnosed with motor neurone disease



Oct 1999;- CWU Regional Honorary Membership

Feb 2000;- Cleveland Amal Branch Honorary Membership

Nov 2002;- Evening Gazette Older Peoples Champion Award

Feb;- 2005;- CWU National Gold Badge

Nov 2007;- Evening Gazette Communty Champion Award

June 2007;- MND National Award for most registered walkers re Walk toDfeet

June 2008;- MND National Award for most registered walkers/ most money raised Walk to D’feet

Jan 2010;- Awarded the MBE in The Queens New  Year Honours List

March 2012:- Awarded the Freedom of the Borough

October 2013 :-Coastal View and Moors News Community Award



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